One of the first and obvious benefits of paid ads is that the results are almost instantaneous. All you need is to create an ad and let your advertiser set your bids and you are good to go.

The advert will be displayed within minutes and you should notice an increase in your traffic to your site. Compared with the other methods of advertising, both online and offline can take a long time to work and it can be very stressful for some businesses.

Lastly, paid ads aren’t as expensive as you think. While it’s true that some keywords will cost you tens of pesos per click, there are millions of keywords out there. Which means that you don’t really need to focus on those expensive ones.

What are the Benefits of Paid Ads / Advertising?

With such a high usage of paid advertising by marketers across the globe, you should consider the online paid advertising space.

1. Organic Reach on Social Media Is Low. Paid Ads give you fast results.

According to Hubspot, studies indicate that Facebook users are now only seeing 2% of organic pages on their feed. Typically, organic content on social media platforms are only used for branding and creating brand awareness.

However, paid advertising can help you reach more audiences for your campaigns and promotions. And you can also utilize your content in order to elevate your brand with specific targeting options to obtain more qualified leads.

And if you have a website that isn’t ranking on the first page of Google SERPs, then paid ads can help you bring high and quality traffic to your website without stressing over the work and time investments of SEO.

2. Ads are very affordable and measurable

Unlike offline paid ads, online paid ads are measurable in real time. You are also able to reach specific audiences as compared to broad audiences who might not even be interested with your content.

But they can cost little to no expenses at all. You are also able to keep track of the money that you have spent and set daily budgets and total budgets for campaigns so that you can avoid overspending.

3. Specific and granular targeting are available

Another benefits of Paid ads is that it allows you to reach relevant visitors that fit the demographics of your sales personas. You can take a look at your analytics and identify common factors such as keywords, locations, demographics, job titles, interests and common topics.

You can use all of this information to adjust and curate your paid ad campaigns to bring in qualified leads while increasing conversions.

But it also doesn’t stop there. For example, if a visitor has browsed your website and clicked through an ad. You can actually run a retargeting campaign in order to continuously engage and remind prospects who have shown an interest into your products and services but didn’t push through the conversion stage. 

By doing so, you are able to constantly show yourself in front of your potential customers and greatly increase your chance of conversion.

Types of Paid Ads

If you wonder what kinds of ads can you use for your business, here are some of the most popular online ad types.

1. Search Ads

As the name suggests, search ads are displayed in the search results of a user’s browser. You can opt to create search ads for Google, Bing, Yahoo! and other prominent search engines where your ads will display for a specific set of keywords.

For local businesses, this type of ads are a great way of getting to the top of local search results even if you are having trouble managing your business’s information.

And the best part is, if you use Google, they have recently begun allowing ads in the local search results.

Which means, even if you are still working to improve your local search ranking. You can show up on top of the local search results in your industry.

But in order to run search ads, you will need to have a Google Search ad campaign and it must link to your Google My Business account to your Adwords account with the location extensions enabled.

Once you enable it, your ad can show up in the local finder which will boost your business’s online presence. 

2. Retargeting Ads

Why do we call them retargeting ads? This is because these are the types of ads that are shown to people who have visited your website without converting. 

Let’s say you have an e-commerce website. Then, someone visits your website and adds a few items to their cart but leaves before making a purchase, you can serve them some retargeting ads.

These are ads that can reach users across multiple platforms. They will show up when the user visits another website. And they can be shown in Google searches or on social media.

Retargeting ads provides serious benefits for your business. You can expect an increase in conversion rates. With 1046 percent increase in branded search.

3. Social Media Ads

Did you know that Facebook, LinkedIn and Instagram allows businesses to advertise to their users? And advertisers can enjoy some advanced targeting options which can help you save costs and ensure that your campaigns reach the right audiences.

Facebook has recently announced that there are over 4 million active advertisers, and the majority of them come from small businesses. 

4. Display Ads

Display ads are advertisements that can be seen by users when they visit websites other than your own. If you create these types of ads for Google Display Network, then your ads can be served to users on one or more than 2 million display network websites.

And better yet, display ads can be text or graphic based. Both types will allow you to target users either by audience or by website. 

These types of ads are best for users with specific interests or focus on categories in order to market for engagement.

In summary, display ads can be seen by users who are visiting websites that have similar interests of your own.

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