Have you ever failed with your paid advertising campaign? If not, let us tell you that it’s tough. On one hand, you can enjoy the benefits of putting your brand messages in front of your target audience.

And on the other, running a paid ads is hard and sometimes can blow your budget. But don’t worry, we are here to help. Here are the Best Practices for Paid Advertising and improve your conversions in order to reach customers where they are already spending most of their time.

1. Use consistent messaging.

Whenever a consumer clicks on your ads, they’ll end up at a landing page. And unlike a regular web page, which are typically designed to encourage exploration. 

Landing pages are created with a single focus or goal. Whether you want it to feature an item or service, you design this page with conversion in mind. 

And these must contain something known as a call to actions or CTA’s where you encourage your visitors to take action.

2. Make conversions easy.

Before you consider launching your ads, you must also check the user experience of your landing pages. Are you making it easy for your prospects to make a purchase?

You might also want to refrain giving your users too many options that could distract them.

Make sure that your landing pages give them only the option of what you want them to do. Don’t add a link to your other products or a “About Us” page since this page is all about the product/service that you want them to avail.

3. A|B Testing

To keep it simple, you mustn’t only rely on one design for a landing page. You have to test everything.

A|B testing is about creating two versions of an ad in order to see which ad can perform better. You could also try a new graphic, a different ad copy or varying calls-to-action in order to run a better performing ad.

The key takeaway is that even if your ads are performing well. Always try and test other campaigns in order to improve them.

4. Target The Right Audience

Do you know to whom and where your ads are supposed to be shown to? If not, it would be best to take some time to build a buyer persona in order to figure out who wants to see your ads and then target that group for the best results.

Make sure that your ads will appeal to your target demographics and learn their pain points and goals. How can your ad solve their problems? 

If you have selected who your target audiences are but your engagement remains low. Refresh your ads and try some A|B testing.

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