TikTok has more than 500 million active users worldwide and it presents an enormous opportunity for you to advertise. Not only has Tiktok surpassed Twitter and Snapchat in its popularity but it also has less ads.

TikTok is a visual app that allows users to edit and share 15-second videos with their built-in filters, effects and music. And since then, big names like Nike, Fenty Beauty and Apple Music have used TikTok ads to promote their products in unique, visually compelling and might we say, less intrusive campaigns.

However, not every business is well-suited for TikTok. And before you invest your time and effort in TikTok advertising, here are two questions that you’ll need to ask.

I. What Is The Target Demographic for Your Business?

If your business is targeting younger people, then TikTok ads may be worth your investments as 66% of TikTok users are younger than 30 with 41% being 16-24 of age.

II. Do You Have The Budget To Advertise On TikTok?

TikTok ads are new and rare, so they come at a premium cost that can start with an average of $10 per CPM and can go up to $300,000 for larger campaigns. And TikTok campaigns will require at least a minimum investment of $500 and so they might not be a great fit for your business yet especially if you are looking for something affordable.

III. How To SetUp Your TikTok Ad Campaigns

If you ever do decide that TikTok is a worthy investment for your business, here is how you can set up your campaigns.

Number 1: Create a TikTok Ads Account

In order to create your first ad, you’ll need to visit TikTok Ads home page and click on the “Create an Ad Button” as shown in the image below.

A form will then pop up to request the necessary details for your account. And representatives will get in touch within 48 hours.

Number 2: Create TikTok Ad Campaign.

In TikTok Ads dashboard, you can find the Campaign tab at the top of the page. Kindly look for the Create button.

Afterwards, choose your campaign objectives or the primary goal of your ad. You need to choose from three options: Traffic, Conversions, and App Install.

Lastly, you will be asked to set your budget. You can choose either a Daily Budget or a Total Budget option under Settings. Please note that both daily budget and total budget must be at least $500.

Number 3: Set Your TikTok Ad Placements, Details, and Targeting

The next step for your campaign is to create an ad group and choose your placements and targeting. TikTok Ads dashboard has a feature that lets you select the exact platforms that you’d like to run your ads on. And this isn’t limited to TikTok alone but also its entire family apps like Vigo Video (India), BuzzVideo, News Republic, and more!

There are also options for automatic placements where TikTok determines the best placement for your ads in order to get the best performance.

After selecting your preferred placements, just follow the prompts and enter the necessary details when running your ads. This will be about relevant URLs, display names, images, and categories.

You will be able to select up to 20 keywords to describe your website or app which are used to match your products with the right audience.

You will also be able to set parameters such as location, age, gender, languages, interests, devices and others to show up in front of the right audience for your ads.

If you have a specific group in mind, you can even custom audience by uploading all the IDs of existing TikTok users using CSV, TXT and ZIP files.

Number 4: Control Your Ad Spend, Duration and Goals

After your ads and materials are in place. You will be asked to set a budget and set a schedule. Remember that there is a minimum of a $50 daily budget for your ad groups.

Number 5: Optimize Your TikTok Ad

Whenever creating an ed, make sure that you are using high-resolution images because your ad’s visuals will take over the entire screen of the user.

You must only focus on one call to action and make the most of your redirect link. This is because TikTok ads provide very little space to explain anything with words. And you are given at most 80 English characters.

So if you are selling a complicated product or service, partner your texts with action as this is a visual app. 

And since all descriptions appear only at the bottom of your screen, you will need to be creative and avoid congestion of words and use appropriate hashtags to get your message across. 

Now, TikTok ads are easy to set up and master. However, you will be faced with some challenges in some guidance for advertising because TikTok is still a new platform.

But like anything else, with practice and research. You will be able to get your campaigns up and running in no time.

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