Before you regret going with an agency that promises you results. It’s always a good idea to review your campaigns and the agencies that are running them. To help you out, we’ve put together 5 lists of questions to guide you on your decisions.

1. How big is the paid ad and media buying team running your account?

It is the agency’s responsibility to provide you with the right staff who can take charge of your campaigns. If they have too few members, then there is a risk that you can experience cracks and mistakes from these agencies.

If they also have way too many team members and you might pay a higher management fee. Although there isn’t a magic formula to spit out the right number on how many people an agency needs to appropriately run an account.

Just make it so that your agency is able to assign you the right number of people to handle your account and explain the logic behind it.

2. Is the agency having constant performance issues and are not taking responsibility for their mistakes?

To be fair, even the best agencies can make the occasional error during a campaign. However, if the agency is making too many mistakes, you will need to start looking elsewhere.

3. Is the agency prepared to scale into other channels?

This is important for your business especially as you will at some point choose to try out other media channels. 

4. Does your reporting show a holistic picture of all your marketing campaigns?

Before you hire a media buying agency, are you being provided with a transparent or comprehensive performance reporting from them?

It must show that the agency understands the unique journey that your leads take in order to become your customers. And it is rare for consumers to view and engage with just a single message from your brand.

It’s mostly a multi-step process that can assist your consumers move through a complex buying journey. And so you’d want to only work with agencies that understand and deploy models that best fits with your business.

5. What’s the measure of your success?

Before working with a paid ads agency or media buyer, you might want to set your goals. Decide first what you consider as a success in order to have clear goals for your spending and budget. 

Whether it be about having a certain number of customers for this month. Or is about encouraging them to do business with you again.

Advertising is a powerful tool when done right and if you want your business to succeed. Working with a good agency who can provide you with the best deals over your competitors is a huge step into the right direction.

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