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Make your advertising campaign a big success for less cost by using the right advertising medium of choice prepared by our Smart Ads experts who can assist you in Attracting, Impressing, Converting and Retaining your leads online and offline. 

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Every Paid Ads and Media Buying agency has a “proven process for success” but only we are able to clearly connect the dots in successfully generating qualified leads to help your brand ‘s product, services and messages to be discovered in relevant searches.

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We help you to outperform your competition by using comprehensive digital marketing strategies that empowers businesses and brands to maximize their impact and influence towards their target customers across different media channels.  

Google ADS

Place your ads in the results of the major search engine like Google and on other non-search websites, mobile app, and videos.

Facebook ADS

Create an ad specifically targeted to show your products and businesses when it matters most to your customers on Facebook.

Tiktok ADS

Unleash your brand's creative side in one of the most lucrative platform that can help you reach young and energetic audience that loves to share great content.

Media Buying

Have your target audience see your ads in the most advantageous of spaces and timeslots for the lowest price negotiable.

Smart Ads Experts Makes
You Completely Unmissable!

Our staff is trained to deliver everything you need! The goal is about optimizing your brand to acquire those conversions that bring you revenue and not the clicks and impression that are quickly buried under the media noise.

Want To Work With Us?

We believe that success requires both the specialization and strategy. So in order to win in today’s digital world, a multi-channel strategy and expertise is necessary. 

We also ensure that the brands we work with understand the return of investment on their ad spend and know which channel is their next best opportunity to invest. So just follow four simple steps and we’ll handle the rest for you.


A quick process for us to know more about you and what you do in order.


An initial interview where we go deep on what you need and how we can help you improve or start your digital marketing journey.


Like in any relationship we propose how we can add value to your business and strengthen your voice so that your unique message can be heard.


Your “I DO” in the form of signature over a service contract will make everything that we have  researched, planned and strategize to happen.

Our Clients

What Our Clients Say About Us

Take a look at a few reviews shared by our happy clients on how we use paid ads and media buying to support their custom built digital marketing strategies. 


Very easy to work with display efficiency of work. They always help us provide more traffic, more leads and more sales.

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Michael Duque G.M, Ricos Lechon

Results were Astronomical, Our partnership with ESTRAT is essential for the growth of our business.

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Mark Khabe PRIME BPM Pty Ltd
Michael Duque
Michael DuqueGeneral Manager, Ricos Lechon
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Very easy to work with display efficiency of work. They always help us provide more traffic, more leads and more sales.
Mark Khabe
Mark KhabePRIME BPM Pty Ltd
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Results were Astronomical, Our partnership with ESTRAT is essential for the growth of our business.

Why Choose Us?



The average time we work with clients is around 3 years and 2 months. That is how well we take care of our clients

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Working with clients in different fields of endeavor has allowed us to consolidate a 32-solid years of experience in the digital marketing space.



Our team is composed of trained and prequalified digital marketing professionals mentored by highly qualified experts in the field.



Our common denominator as a team is we are all Inbound Marketing Certified. We know how to get things done to generate leads.



We work closely with you in achieving your goal. We stay with the target and deliver to achieve agreed results.



We just don’t work for you. We aim to empower you in helping you grow your business. For us, that is SUCCESS!



Our team is well-equipped with the skills to offer a full-service digital marketing agency. We deliver solutions that are supported by data and analytics that meet your marketing goals that creates exemplary results that can further increase your business growth.



In 2019, Digital Pro Finder has an accumulated 7 international awards including Startup of the Year and Communications Professional of the Year from IBA 2019, awarded in Vienna, Austria on October 2019.

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Our team is comprised of individuals from all walks of life and every one of them is an in-house and an outstanding specialist in their field with a strong background in their field. But what else can you expect from us?

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